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Hosting 47 Kids

Blessings Church! In honor of my dear friend Fitz who loved kids and the Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry.He passed away a couple of weeks ago, and in his honor, we are hosting 47 kids from Kinston who are visiting the wet lands here in Raleigh on Thursday July 20th at noon. We will be providing lunch for them. Thanks to my dear brother Joe Lumbrazo for hosting us at Backyard Bistro for the lunch. Sheriff Willie Rowe, Mr. Frankie the Manager at Walmart on New Bern Ave, Chan Stevens and Daryl Behling who will be bringing Italian Ice for the kids, Lou Sawicki for purchasing sox and Melody Scruggs aka Mi Mi the clown. All are coming over to spend times with the kids. We are also in need of school supplies to pack there backpacks. If anyone is interested in donating school supplies, please contact Rev Phil Brickle 919 917 4665. Thanks again everyone for having a heart to serve the kids. Love you! The Rev!

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